CompCert Release 16.10

General improvements
* CompCert is now compatible with coq v8.5pl2.

* The installer now offers a GUI to compile the runtime libraries
  for the provided target configurations.

* Improved support for K&R functions.

* Improved robustness of the frontend.
  More cases of invalid inputs are now treated with proper error messages.

* CompCert now produces colored diagnostic output.

* DW_AT_subrange_type is set for array sub ranges.

* Added support for empty variables (empty structs, arrays of size 0).

* Error messages are now numbered.

New features
* Added implementation for __builtin_ctz, __builtin_ctzl,
  and __builtin_ctzll for ARM and PowerPC.

* CompCert now is able to read command line arguments from response files
  passed via @file. The options read are inserted in place of the original
  @file option.
  If the file does not exist, or cannot be read, then the option will be
  treated literally, and not removed.
  Options in the file are separated by whitespaces. A whitespace character
  may be included in an option by enclosing the entire option in single
  or double quotes. Any character, including a backslash, may be used
  if escaped with a backslash.
  The file may itself contain additional @file options; any such options
  will be processed recursively.

* New command line options for more control of diagnostic output of CompCert.
  It is now possible to activate or suppress certain warnings,
  or additionally mark them as errors.

* CompCert now supports usage of anonymous composite types
  and allows accessing the named parts of the composite.

* Fixed internal error that prevents compilation of __builtin_clzll for ia32.

* Fixed known issue concerning block scope variables with external linkage.

* Fixed the return value of the emulated printf in the reference interpreter.

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