CompCert Release 20.10

New features
● Support for C11 _Static_assert.
● Support for the GCC attribute used.
● New built-in functions for all backends:

  ● __builtin_nanf
  ● __builtin_nansf
  ● __builtin_inff
  ● __builtin_inf
  ● __builtin_huge_valf 
  ● __builtin_huge_val

● New __builtin_constant_p that returns 1 
  if the argument is a constant expression, 0 otherwise.
● New built-in functions for ARM for checking of floating point values:

  ● __builtin_copysignf
  ● __builtin_isnanf
  ● __builtin_isnan
  ● __builtin_isinff
  ● __builtin_isinf
  ● __builtin_isfinitef
  ● __builtin_isfinite

● RISC-V backend: Added support for __builtin_clz* and __builtin_ctz*.
● AArch64 backend: Added support for __builtin_ctz*.
● New option --version-file that prints 
  the version information in a machine-readable way.

Improved diagnostics
● Improved diagnostics for use of bit-field members in packed structs.
● Improved diagnostics for wrong number of arguments in call to __builtin_va_start.
● Improved diagnostics for illegal pointer arithmetic.

Other improvements
● Introduced new error message for redefining a built-in function.
● Eliminated known builtins whose result is ignored.
● Improved location information for diagnostics inside switch-statements.
● Added __builtin_sqrt as alias for __builtin_fsqrt.

● Reset registers reserved per pragma after processing each file.

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