CompCert Release 21.10

New features
● Support for 32-bit PowerPC VLE with the NXP-GCC toolchain.

● Support for floating-point register constraints for inputs and outputs 
  in GCC-style extended inline assembly for AArch64, PowerPC, 
  PowerPC VLE, RISC-V, and x86.

● Support for the attribute "weak" to emit symbols as weak for elf targets.

● Support for bitfields of types other than "int", 
  provided that they are no larger than 32 bits.

● New built-in functions "__builtin_nans" and "__builtin_nansf".

● Initial frontend support for "__builtin_expect" and "__builtin_unreachable".

● New diagnostic for invalid initializer of flexible array member.

● Support for "#line 0 ..." directives emitted by the GCC 11 preprocessor.

Unnamed non bit-field members that are not allowed in C
are no longer taken into account for GCC compatibility 
in the layout of structs or unions. 
Instead, CompCert now generates a warning for them.

Last updated on 18 October 2021 by Copyright 2021 AbsInt.
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