Stack overflow is now a thing of the past.

StackAnalyzer automatically determines the worst-case stack usage of the tasks in your appli­cation. The analysis results are shown as annotations in the call graph and control flow graph.

StackAnalyzer screenshot

Call graph with stack usage annotations

StackAnalyzer screenshot

Control flow graph with stack usage annotations


Why do you need StackAnalyzer?

Stack memory has to be allocated statically by the programmer. Underestimating stack usage can lead to serious runtime errors which can be difficult to find. Overestimating stack usage means a waste of memory resources.

Supported processors and compilers

Supported targets

StackAnalyzer is available for a growing number of target processors and compilers.

Seamless integration into your toolchain

StackAnalyzer supports tight integration with state-of-the-art development tools, including:

Qualification support

We offer special qualification support for StackAnalyzer:

In the past, our QSKs and QSLCD Reports have been successfully used by leading corporations in their DO-178B qualification process, notably in the avionics industry.

SCADE Suite logo

StackAnalyzer is also an integral part of the SCADE development envi­ron­ment, which is DO-178B qualified up to level A for Military and Aerospace Industries, IEC 61508 certified at SIL 3 by TÜV for Heavy Equipment and Energy, and EN 50128 certified at SIL 4 by TÜV for Rail Transportation.

The bottom line

When searching for actual products performing stack usage analysis for embedded software, the StackAnalyzer seems to be the most promising (and probably only) choice.”

Volker Barthelmann, University of Erlangen

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