We are fluent in English and German. Requests in French or Russian are welcome, but our answer will likely be in English. Requests in other languages are best directed at your local distributor.

Free support to get you started

If you are trying out any of our tools for free, you also have 30 days of free support. Don’t hesitate, put them to good use.
If you have purchased any license, it includes at least 180 days of free support. Ask away.

SSL-encrypted upload server

You can provide us with any files, or even entire analysis projects, via our secure 128-bit encrypted SSL server. Write to to receive your password. We are happy to first sign an NDA if you wish.

Within our tools, see “Help” → “Create support archive” to easily pack the entire project, or any parts of it, for upload as a single file.

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange

Our TISAX assessment results are available to all TISAX participants under the Scope ID “SKVPV6”.

Easy issue tracking

You will receive a tracking number whenever you have a question that requires investigation, or a software update to be sent to you. You can use that number for future reference, even years after the fact. And if you include the number in the subject of an email, the employees involved on our side will automatically get it straight to their inbox.

WebEx on demand

Don’t leave it all to email. Some things are best sorted out in live conversation. If you need help with investigating a tricky part of your code, or some puzzling behavior we can’t reproduce, request a WebEx session and have a look at it together with us.

Support extension

You can extend your support for any time span of your choosing. The price for one full year is typically 20% of your one-time license fee. This also includes regular software updates and preferential handling of any feature requests of yours.

Your support will never be extended automatically, so you stay in full control of your expenditures. A couple months before it expires, your main contact will send you a gentle reminder so you have time to act. If you don’t wish to extend, drop them a note and you won’t get reminded again. You can still request retroactive extension at a later point should the need arise.

Tried and tested

Our customer support and product maintenance practices have been rigorously audited by major industrial customers as part of their quality-assurance procedures, in person, on our site. We passed all tests with flying colors. Don’t take our word for it, send us your support request and see for yourself.

+49681383600 (European business hours)