Гибридный анализ времени выполнения

TimeWeaver combines static path analysis with timing measurements to provide worst-case execution time estimates.

Скриншот ТаймВивера
Скриншот ТаймВивера

The tool estimates the worst-case execution time (WCET) of tasks based on the exe­cution time of trace segments obtained from real-time instruction-level tracing. The computed time bounds are valuable for soft real-time systems and provide feedback for optimizing worst-case performance.

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TimeWeaver takes as input:

  1. a binary executable
  2. execution traces,
    e.g. BHM traces compliant to the IEEE-ISTO 5001 standard
  3. optional user annotations,
    e.g. on loop bounds, in the same format as other AbsInt analyzers such as aiT, TimingProfiler, or StackAnalyzer

TimeWeaver then provides a safe upper bound of the length of the longest execution path, based on the local time measurements in the traces.


The analysis results reported by TimeWeaver include:

TimeWeaver offers the same powerful user interface you are used to from working with other AbsInt tools, with fully integrated graphical and textual viewers for control flow, analysis results, source code, assembly code, and configuration files. You can:

Supported architectures and trace formats

Free trial

Free trial versions are now available for PowerPC, ARM, and TriCore.
Support for further architectures is planned, and can be requested. Please contact info@absint.com with any questions.