Real-Time Experts Alliance

In November 2008, AbsInt GmbH, Gliwa GmbH and Symtavision GmbH founded an alliance for real-time systems and timing analyses.

AbsInt develops tools to determine secure runtime bounds on code level based on precise pro­cess models. Gliwa offers runtime measurement and tracing as well as real-time software devel­opment. Symtavision’s tools enable scheduling analyses and optimizations for ECUs, busses and network systems.

Together as ”Real-Time Experts“, AbsInt, Gliwa and Symtavision offer integrated and conclusive solution chains for embedded real-time systems. Each partner covers an important real-time seg­ment with their know-how and provides state-of-the-art solutions. These solutions complement one another ideally and offer interfaces not just to each other but also to further software tools. The alliance also enables the Real-Time Experts to solve overlapping timing problems very ef­ficiently, by drawing from a great pool of experiences, tools, interfaces and methods — from design over debugging to verifying real-time ability.

It is a great advantage for developers and certifiers that all timing aspects are covered by a single partner — the Real-Time Experts.

The Real-Time Experts’ solutions have been established in the series development of automotive and aerospace — apart and together, for components as well as for whole systems and always seamlessly integrated in existing development processes. From design and early testing to mod­el analyses, measurements and optimizations as well as the continuous monitoring of the development to availability proofs for security relevant systems — the Real-Time Experts reduce development and testing costs through cutting-edge technology and therefore enable cost opti­mized products.

Meet the Real-Time Experts at the 1st Electronic Automotive Congress on May 19, 2009 in Munich, Germany and at the 14th International VDI Congress “Electronic Systems for Vehicles” on October 7 and 8, 2009 in Baden-Baden, Germany.

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