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  • ARGO
    WCET-aware parallelization of model-based applications for heterogeneous parallel systems
    Tools, platforms, and processes for the development of safety-critical multicore systems
  • Assume
    Affordable safe and secure mobility evolution

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Media coverage

  • Elektronik 20/2016
    Höhere Zuverlässigkeit durch Einsatz eines formal verifizierten Compilers”
  • Funktionale Sicherheit 7/2015
    Multicore-CPUs in sicherheits­kritischen Echtzeit­systemen” (PDF)
  • Elektronik embedded 10/2014
    Echtzeitanalyse für softwaregesteuerte Systeme” (PDF)
  • Elektronik automotive 3/2014
    Safely Excluding Serious Errors” (PDF)

Recent publications

  • M. Schoeberl, S. Abbaspour, B. Akesson, N. Audsley, R. Capasso, J. Garside, K. Goossens, S. Goossens, S. Hansen, R. Heckmann, S. Hepp, B. Huber, A. Jordan, E. Kasapaki, J. Knoop, Y. Li, D. Prokesch, W. Puffitsch, P. Puschner, A. Rocha, C. Silva, J. Sparsø, and A. Tocchi. T-CREST: Time-predictable Multi-Core Architecture for Embedded Systems. Journal of Systems Architecture, 61/2015, pp. 449–471.
  • S. Salvi, D. Kästner, T. Bienmüller, C. Ferdinand. Exploiting Synergies between Static Analysis and Model-Based Testing. Proceedings of the 11th European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC’15). IEEE Computer Society Press, Sept. 2015.
  • D. Kästner, J. Pohland. Program Analysis on Evolving Software. In Matthieu Roy, editor, CARS 2015 — Critical Automotive applications: Robustness & Safety, Paris, France, September 2015.