Make your code safe. Every step of the way.

Astrée — static runtime error analysis

Check your C code for runtime errors with Astrée.

Discover any divisions by zero, out-of-bounds array accesses, erroneous pointer manipu­lations, arith­metic overflows, data races, in­consistent locking, and other types of errors. Use the integrated RuleChecker to verify your code against MISRA, CWE, ISO/IEC and SEI CERT C guide­lines, or your very own coding rules.

CompCert — verified compilation

Compile the code using CompCert.

Meet the highest levels of software assurance by compiling your application with the only C compiler that’s been formally verified to be free of miscompilation issues. All safety properties verified on the source code, e.g. with Astrée, are guaranteed to hold for the generated executable as well.

StackAnalyzer — static stack-usage analysis

Check your stack usage with StackAnalyzer.

Determine the worst-case stack usage of the tasks in your ap­pli­ca­tion. Find any stack overflows, or formally prove the absence thereof. Quickly identify critical sections and problematic execution paths to optimize your code’s performance.

Analyze the execution time.

aiT — static timing analysis

aiT WCET Analyzers

Compute tight upper bounds for the worst-​case execution time of tasks in your binary ex­e­cut­able. No testing or measuring required — the bounds are guaranteed to hold for every possible execution scenario, any combination of inputs, all cache and pipeline states.

TimingProfiler — exploring timing effects at early design stages


Constantly moni­tor timing behavior during software devel­opment, even at the earliest stages. Identify bottlenecks when you haven’t even settled for a particular processor derivate yet, and measurements on physi­cal hardware are plain impossible.

TimeWeaver — hybrid WCET analysis based on execution traces


Combine static path analysis with timing measurements obtained from real-time instruction-level tracing. Tool currently in development, preview version available on request to select customers.

Other products

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