Qualification support

Your usage of our tools can be qualified according to ISO 26262, DO-178B/C, IEC-61508, and other safety standards. The qualifi­cation process can be automated to a large extent using our Qualification Support Kits. Addition­ally, our Qualification Software Life Cycle Data Reports provide details about our own devel­op­ment processes.

Qualification Support Kits

We offer Qualification Support Kits (QSKs) that simplify the qual­ification pro­cess considerably. These QSKs are quite popular with our customers, notably in the auto­motive and avionics industries.

Each QSK contains two major parts which depend on one another: a Report Package and a Test Package.

Qualification Support Kits can be easily extended with your own test cases to also cover your operational environment.


QSKs are currently available for

WCET analysis Stack usage analysis
generic compiler-specific generic compiler-specific
ARM TI 4.9.1
TI 20.2.1.LTS
GCC 4.9.3
TI 4.9.1
GCC 4.7.4
GCC 4.9.3
GCC 4.9.4
GHS 2019.1.4
C16x Tasking 8.8r1
Tasking VX 2.4r1
Tasking VX 2.4r1
Tasking VX 3.1r2
LEON3 GCC 3.4.4
M68020 GCC 4.2.1 GCC 4.2.1
MPC5xx DiabData 4.4
CodeWarrior 4.3
DiabData 4.4
GCC 3.3.2
GCC 3.4.4
GCC 4.1.2
GCC 4.3.3
GCC 4.9.3
GHS 5.2.4
SCORE 3.7.1
e200 GCC 4.1.2
GHS 2019.1.4
SCORE 3.7.1
e300 DiabData 4.4
MPC755 DiabData 4.4
Other MPCs
IBM PPC750 DiabData 4.4
TriCore HighTec GCC
V850 GHS 5.1.7d
x86 GCC 4.4.5
GCC 4.9.2
GCC 4.9.4

Generic QSKs perform checks on call-graph and control-flow-graph level, on ELF executables created with a gene­ric C compiler of our choosing, e.g. a popular version of the GCC. Compiler-specific QSKs are optional add-ons that offer additional test cases compiled with the specific compiler in ques­tion.

Generic QSKs are typically sufficient for certification, but compiler-specific QSKs can become mandatory depending on the nature of your application and the certi­fi­cation authority you need to report to.

More QSKs are under development at any given time, and other processors or compilers can always be covered on request. Contact us for further information.

Qualification Software Life Cycle Data (QSLCD) Reports

In addition to QSKs, QSLCD Reports are available that document AbsInt’s devel­op­ment pro­cess­es. The reports describe the entire devel­opment process of aiT, StackAnalyzer, Astrée, and RuleChecker, for all target processors and compilers where applicable, and including all veri­fica­tion and quality assurance activities.

Sneak preview” versions of QSLCD Reports are available on request.

Integration into SCADE

aiT and StackAnalyzer are also available as an integral part of the SCADE development envi­ronment, which is DO-178B and DO-178C qualified up to level A for Military and Aerospace Indus­tries, IEC 61508 certi­fied at SIL 3 by TÜV for Heavy Equipment and Energy, and EN 50128 certified at SIL 4 by TÜV for Rail Transportation.