Communiqués de presse

November 15, 2022
Together we are faster: Accelerated runtime analyses facilitate software development

May 11, 2022
AbsInt researchers win prestigious ACM Software System Award

September 15, 2021
Project EMPHYSIS wins ITEA Award of Excellence — AbsInt’s Contribution

21 mai 2019
Analyse statique à Bosch

February, 2018
TimeWeaver: a new product by AbsInt

March 8, 2017
RuleChecker: a new product by AbsInt

March 21, 2016
The ARGO project: tool chain for real-time programming

September 12, 2015
TimingProfiler and CompCert: two new products by AbsInt

February 12, 2014
Production code generation: cooperation between dSPACE and AbsInt

September 1, 2011
AbsInt complements tool qualification

September 22, 2008
Esterel SCADE Suite Timing Verifier and Stack Verifier now available, powered by AbsInt’s aiT and StackAnalyzer

January 31, 2008
Esterel Technologies and AbsInt form technology partnership to integrate aiT and StackAnalyzer into Esterel SCADE

March 19, 2007
aiT WCET Analyzers succeed in the first WCET Tool Challenge

27 avril 2005
AbsInt apporte une contribution décisive à la sécurité de l’Airbus A380

April 2, 2005
AbsInt announces aiT WCET Analyzer for C166

January 20, 2005
JORAL Technologies will supply AbsInt’s advanced development tools for safety-critical software to its customers in the North America marketplace

July 15, 2003
AbsInt awarded a 2004 European IST Prize for aiT

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