TimeWeaver: a new product by AbsInt

Saarbrücken, February 28, 2018: AbsInt, the specialist for program analysis tools for safety-critical software, launches a new product line. TimeWeaver is a tool that estimates the worst-case execution time (WCET) of tasks by combining static path analysis and static value analysis with real-time instruction-level tracing.

TimeWeaver screenshot

This approach works for a wide range of modern high-performance processors that are not statically timing-predictable anymore, e.g. multi-core processors where inter-core interferences cannot be prevented or controlled in a satisfactory way, or where the available documentation is insufficient to build a static timing model.

TimeWeaver is non-intrusive. It needs no code instrumentation that distorts timing measurements. It uses the embedded trace units of modern embedded processors (Nexus 5001, CoreSight ETM, etc.) to observe program flow. Interference effects included in the traces, such as access delays to shared resources, are taken into account.

The analysis results include the computed WCET bound, the time-critical paths, and coverage information. This is invaluable for assessing system safety, optimizing performance, and improving trace coverage.

TimeWeaver complements AbsInt’s range of tools for static timing analysis that include aiT WCET Analyzer and TimingProfiler:

Other products from AbsInt include Astrée for runtime error analysis, StackAnalyzer for formally proving the absence of stack overflows, RuleChecker for checking compliance to coding standards such as MISRA, and CompCert, the only formally verified optimizing C compiler in the world.

About AbsInt

AbsInt provides unique tools and services for the development, analysis, validation, verification, and certification of safety-critical software. The company name is an acronym for “abstract interpretation”, a sophisticated approach to static program analysis on which many of the company’s highly successful products are based. Founded in 1998, AbsInt is a privately-held company in Saarbrücken, Germany.

For further information, visit www.absint.com.

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