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Airbus logo

« For many years Airbus France has been using aiT, StackAnalyzer and Astrée in the development of safety-critical avionics software for sever­al airplane types. The analyzers were used as a part of their certifi­cation strategy to demonstrate compliance to DO-178B, up to Level A. »


Honda logo

«aiT, StackAnalyzer and ValueAnalyzer have been successfully used by Honda in the FADEC software development of an aircraft turbofan engine. »


ESA logo

En Avril 2008, Astrée pouvait prouver l’absence de tout erreur d’exécution dans une version C des logiciels d’accostage automatique du Véhicule automatique de transfert européen (ATV) Jules Verne développé pour ravitailler la Station spatiale internationale (ISS). L’analyse était effectuée de façon complètement automatique.


Daimler logo

« Daimler has been successfully using aiT and StackAnalyzer in many auto­motive software projects, including the powertrain control system of the new Actros truck. »


OHB logo

« OHB successfully uses aiT and StackAnalyzer in the development of onboard software essential for mission success of the SmallGEO satellite platform for geostationary communication satellites and the GALILEO FOC platform for satellite navigation. »


NASA logo

En 2010, aiT était utilisé par NASA pour démonstrer l’absence d’erreurs de timing au cours de l’enquête US sur d’accélérations incontrôlées de voitures Toyota.

« Technical Support to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on the Reported Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Unintended Acceleration (UA) Investigation » (PDF, 11.3 Mo)


u-blox logo

« u-blox AG in Switzerland, as the world’s leading provider of embedded wireless communication and positioning solutions, is using StackAnalyzer to avoid stack overflow problems at compile time and to increase the reliability and quality of our controlling software. »


Helbako logo

« The global automotive supplier Helbako in Germany is using Astrée in the development process to demonstrate MISRA compliance of the code and to make sure that no runtime errors can occur in the electronic control software. »

MTU Friedrichshafen

MTU Friedrichshafen logo

« MTU Friedrichshafen successfully uses aiT, StackAnalyzer and Astrée to demonstrate the cor­rectness of control software for emergency power generators in power plants. The tools in combination with their qualification packages (QSK and QSLCD) are part of the certification process according to the IEC60880. »


ebm-papst logo

« A world leader in motors and ventilators for air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, ebm-papst is successfully using Astrée for fully automatic conti­nuous verification of safety-critical interrupt-driven control software for commutating high-efficiency EC motors for ventilator systems. »

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