AbsInt Announces aiT WCET Analyzer for C166

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Saarbruecken, Germany — 2 April 2005. AbsInt today announced that its aiT WCET Analyzer is now also available for Infineon’s C166 microcontrollers.

AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH, a worldwide leader in static program analysis and timing validation, today announced the availability of aiT WCET Analyzer for C166, a tool that statically computes tight bounds for the worst-case execution time of the tasks in embedded applications for Infineon’s C166 microcontrollers.

In real-time systems, each task has to be completed within a specified time frame in order to ensure that the system works correctly. Testing by repeatedly measuring the execution time of a task is typically not safe: it is often impossible to prove that the conditions determining maximum execution time have been taken into account. On the other hand, static program analysis methods that do not consider cache and pipeline behavior typically overestimate the WCET by several orders of magnitude, thus leading to a substantial waste of hardware resources.

The aiT WCET Analyzers provide the solution to these problems. Based on the technique of abstract interpretation and formal cache and pipeline models, they statically analyze a task's intrinsic cache and pipeline behavior. This enables correct and tight upper bounds to be computed for the worst-case execution time. A graphical user interface supports the visualization of the worst-case program path and the interactive inspection of all pipeline and cache states at arbitrary program points.

The aiT WCET Analyzer for C166 directly analyzes assembly files in .src format as produced by the TASKING C compiler for C166 microcontrollers from Infineon or the ST10F276 microcontroller from ST Microelectronics.

The Analyzer does not require any modification of the tool chain or the application's operational behavior and performance. By replacing repeated tedious execution time measurements, the aiT WCET Analyzer for C166 helps to enhance productivity and free valuable development resources.

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AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH provides advanced tools and services in the areas of compiler optimization, static program analysis, and worst-case execution time prediction. Founded in 1998, AbsInt is a privately-held company located in Saarbruecken, Germany.

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