Easily add static program analyses to your development process

We offer a plugin for automatic integration of ał in Jenkins, the leading open-source automation server. You can then run aiT, StackAnalyzer, TimingProfiler, and ValueAnalyzer fully automatically as part of your continuous-integration process.

Sample ał analysis results in Jenkins


  • Automatically determine the maximum stack usage and worst-case execution time of your Jenkins builds
  • Find dead code, verify the absence of illegal memory accesses and function calls, or discover other violations of your spec
  • Automatically mark a build as failed depending on analysis results according to your own criteria, such as
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    • surpassed thresholds
    • other violated expectations
    • specific warnings or errors
  • Access detailed analysis results via the Jenkins web interface
  • View a compact summary of the analysis results and failed items in the Jenkins build output
  • Archive report files directly to your Jenkins workspace