Automatic code compaction and optimization

Discontinuation notice: As of November 1st, 2014, aiPop is no longer available as a stand-alone product. For further information, contact

Less is more.

The aiPop optimizer suite was developed to reduce the code size, improve the code quality, and, optionally, speed up the execution of assembly or object files produced by a C compiler.

aiPop: postpass code optimization
Control flow graph of a C16x/ST10 application
before and after optimization with aiPop

Featured optimizations

Unparalleled compaction rates

Benchmark reference customer application Saved
Small (64kB) airbag application featuring highly hand-optimized code 5.30%
Large (1MB) mobile phone application 20.39%

Further features

Most recently added features

Why do you need aiPop?

aiPop-compacted software runs in millions of mobile phones worldwideThe size of compiled C code is becoming increasingly critical in embedded systems, where the economic incentives to reduce ROM sizes are very compelling.

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aiPop can be easily integrated into established tool-chains. It was designed and implemented after conducting in-depth studies of customer requirements and in close dialog with major developers of embedded applications such as Siemens ICM. Since 2000, aiPop-compacted software runs in millions of mobile phones worldwide.

In the press

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The article “Post Pass Code Compaction at the Assembly Level for C16x” (PDF, 79kB) was published in CONTACT, Infineon Technologies Development Tool Partners magazine, vol. 3, issue 9.

Design & Elektronik logoThe article “Liebling, ich habe den Code geschrumpft” was published in the magazine DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK, issue 1/2001.

Saarbrücker Zeitung logoThe article “Schrumpfkur für Computer-Chips” was published in the Saarbrücker Zeitung, issue 106/2003.