1998: AbsInt is founded by Prof. Reinhard Wilhelm and five of his students at the University of Saarland

2001: The company launches the StackAnalyzer software for static stack-usage analysis

2002: Launch of aiT WCET Analyzers for static analysis of the worst-case execution time

2003: AbsInt receives an IST Prize for aiT

2004: aiT is used to analyze the flight-control software of the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft

2006: aiT successfully passes the first WCET Tool Challenge organized by the University of Mälardalen

2008: StackAnalyzer and aiT are integrated into the SCADE Suite from Esterel Technologies

2009: The Astrée software for static analysis of runtime errors is made commercially available by AbsInt under license from ENS/CNRS

2010: aiT is used by NASA for demonstrating the absence of timing-related defects in the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Investigation

2011: Prof. Wilhelm is honored with the ACM Distinguished Service Award

2013: Astrée, aiT, and StackAnalyzer are coupled with TargetLink

2015: CompCert, the first formally verified optimizing compiler, is made commercially available by AbsInt under license from INRIA

2017: Launch of the TimeWeaver software for trace-based worst-case timing analysis

2018: Bosch acquires a worldwide license for the use of Astrée

2019: AbsInt co-founders receive the Test-of-Time Award

2020: Astrée satisfies the criteria of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology

2022: The CompCert developer team receives the ACM Software System Award

2023: AbsInt celebrates its 25th anniversary, now counting over 40 employees, half of whom have been with the company for 20 years or longer