Dr. Florian Martin

Dr. Florian Martin

Curriculum vitæ

Florian Martin, born in 1968, completed the diploma degree pro­gram in computer science and physics at the Saarland Univer­sity from 1989 to 1995. In his master’s thesis he investigated specification and implementation methods for the generation of static program analyzers.

In 1999, he completed his doctorate, his dissertation being en­titled “Generating Program Analyzers”. During his undergrad­u­ate studies, Dr. Martin received a student scholarship from the Reemtsma Begabtenförderwerk.

Since 1996, Dr. Martin has been a research associate at the Department for Compiler Construction and Programming Lan­guages at the Saarland University, in addition to participating in the ESPRIT project COMPARE (Compiler Generation for Par­allel Machines) and being a member of Collaborative Research Center no. 124 (VLSI and Parallelism).

Dr. Martin has also been the Saarland University’s research co­ordinator at the Transfer Center no. 14 ("Run-Time Guarantees for Modern Architectures via Abstract Interpretation") and an instructor of advanced courses on program analysis. He is the author of various publications on static program analysis, pro­gram optimization and worst-case execution time prediction.

Since 2000, Dr. Martin is Principal Architect at AbsInt, of which he is one of the co-founders. He was the key designer of the PAG Program Analyzer Generator, implemented various optimizations that are part of the aiPop Code Compac­tion Suite, and now oversees the development of the various analyses for the ał suite.

Research interests

  • Compiler construction
  • Parallel compilers
  • Program analyzer generators
  • Worst-case execution time prediction for real-time programs
  • Abstract interpretation
  • Loop analysis
  • Value analysis

Selected publications

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