a³ release 12.10

a³ screenshot

Easier analysis cloning

Creating new analyses and cloning existing ones is now also possible via a context menu in the Analyses list on the left-hand side of the a³ window.

a³ screenshot

Improved Results Viewer

Several incremental improvements were made to both the Statistics Mode and the Program Display.

a³ screenshot

Infeasible paths

StackAnalyzer now marks infeasible parts of the control-flow graph.

a³ screenshot

Visualization of infeasible routines

You can now choose between three different levels for the visualization of infeasible routines:

  • hiding all infeasible routines
  • showing only top-level infeasible routines
  • showing all infeasible routines

a³ screenshot

Improved loop transformation

Multi-entry loops are now transformed into loop routines in most cases. This enables annotating them with the “loop + 1 loop max xx;” annotation rather than using flow constraints. As the "flow each" constraint needs all blocks to be in the same routine, some annotations might need to be adjusted. An error will be issued if this is necessary. If a loop is not reducible to a loop routine, the members of the irreducible loop will be reported to the user together with possible inner nested irreducible loops.

a³ screenshot

MPC55xx/MPC56xx: virtual addressing

a³ now supports virtual addressing via the translation lookaside buffer (TLB).