a³ release 16.04

a³ screenshot

New Information views

The two all-new information views Disassembly and Call Graph allow to disassemble the complete binary at once and generate call graphs for any functions.

a³ screenshot

Improved DWARF view

The DWARF view has been extended to also show:

  • information about function-local variables and the scopes they reside in
  • information about structure and class types that contain static member variables
  • union/struct/class inheritance

Additionally, it is now possible to directly jump to the DWARF view from places such as messages or interactive value analysis results by using the con­text menu.

a³ screenshot

Memory Usage view

The amount of memory used by the analyses can now be monitored in real time. The new view is accessible via the “Memory Usage” button at the bottom.

a³ screenshot

Improved graphs

  • Infeasible edges in the call graph are now colored light gray.
  • Graph search now supports:
    • search for the addresses of memory accesses for value and timing analyses
    • search in selection
  • Export of graphs is now faster and consumes less memory.

a³ screenshot

Improved cross-navigation

The Source Code view now shows both the source and target of an annotation.

Likewise, annotation icons have been updated to indicate both the source and target of the annotations.