ał release 19.04

ał screenshot

Value analysis for all entry points at once

ValueAnalyzer now allows to start an analysis for all functions or code labels at once, and then explore the results interactively.

Thanks to a highly-optimized implementation, this new global analysis is quite fast even for large complex projects.

ał screenshot

Full project search

This new global view lets you search through all project content at once, including AIS files, report files, the Message view, and result graphs.

ał screenshot

Improved license management

  • The license server now supports specifying passwords for individual users to disallow anonymous connections.
  • Improved stability of AbsInt License Manager connections.
  • Better socket handling and thus improved resource consumption.
  • The license content can now be viewed from within the License dialog.
  • Improved error messages for invalid or expired licenses.
  • New command-line option -D <dir> for specifying the directory for the ALM settings (alm.ini) and the license file (license.dat). This command is only applied to the ALM instance started with it, and is not persistent.