AbsInt Complements Tool Qualification

Saarbrücken, September 1st, 2011. With the newly available Qualification Software Life Cycle Data Reports (QSLCD), AbsInt fills the last gap in its tool qualification portfolio. The Reports contain all information about the AbsInt development processes required for successful qualification.

AbsInt provides advanced tools and services for embedded systems with a focus on software validation, verification, and certification. Demonstrating non-functional safety goals like guaran­teed limits on execution time/memory usage and absence of runtime errors for software is a tough problem since failures usually occur in corner cases and a meaningful test coverage usually cannot be achieved. To that effect, developers of safety-critical software use sound abstract-interpretation–based static analysis tools like AbsInt’s aiT, StackAnalyzer, and Astrée which provide full coverage and yield provably correct results.

Current safety standards (DO-178B, DO-178C, IEC-61508, ISO 26262, EN-50128, etc.) recom­mend the usage of such tools, but also require the tools to be qualified. In other words, the quality of the tools must be demonstrated.

This is where AbsInt’s qualification support comes in. The tool qualification process can be automated to a large degree by AbsInt’s Qualification Support Kits, up to the highest criticality levels. In addition to that, the Qualification Software Life Cycle Data Reports now provide details about AbsInt’s own development processes.

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