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StackAnalyzer offers seamless integration with the Raptor toolchain from New Eagle. A custom build of the analyzer is available as an integral part of the Raptor-Dev tool under the name “Raptor Stack Check”.

Chart depicting the automated flow between Raptor-Dev and StackAnalyzer

Raptor-Dev is a library of customizable Simulink blocks that allows developers to quickly create custom software for Raptor-compatible controllers and displays. Developers work directly in the Simulink environment with Raptor-Dev blocks, as well as native Simulink blocks and features.

The Raptor-Dev library blocks facilitate interaction between Simulink and all of the input, output and communication channels of the control-module hardware. For example, the Raptor-Dev library includes blocks to read analog inputs or actuate low-side drive outputs.

Raptor-Dev also contains other useful block sets for many applications, such as OBD fault management and data logging, and even J1939 or Modbus Raptor library blocks.

Common to all of the Raptor library blocks is that they are easy and intuitive to use. The Raptor-Dev libraries vastly reduce software complexity, speed up development, and eliminate the need to understand the low-level logic necessary to manage controller hardware.


Raptor Stack Check is currently available for TriCore, with PowerPC to follow shortly.

For 20+ other instruction set architectures, StackAnalyzer is available as a standalone tool.

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