Easily add automatic stack analysis to your development process

Combined system-level and code-level stack analysis

StackAnalyzer supports tight integration with SymTA/S, the cutting-edge scheduling ana­lysis tool suite from Symtavision (now part of Luxoft), enabling you to run stack-usage analyses at the code level directly from the SymTA/S user interface.

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SymTA/S screenshot

SymTA/S is used for budgeting, scheduling verification and optimization for processors, elec­tronic control units (ECUs), communication buses, networks and complete embedded real-time systems. It enables unique end-to-end timing analysis, visualization and optimization for today’s and next-generation distributed systems.

In automotive electronics, SymTA/S supports standards such as OSEK, AUTOSAR-OS, CAN, FlexRay, and Ethernet.

Symtavision and AbsInt have cooperated on the integration in the framework of the INTEREST project within the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme on Research, Technolog­i­cal Development and Demonstration.