Easily add static timing analysis to your development process

Optimize your system before writing a single line of code

aiT is available as an integral part of the SCADE Suite, the market-leading mission and safety-critical embedded soft­ware devel­opment environ­ment from ANSYS.

SCADE provides a full suite of Model-Based Design (MBD) tools from formal graphical design capture and validation down to embedded C code generation for mission and safety-critical pro­duction use.

SCADE is the only MDB solution that is

  • DO-178B and DO-178C qualified up to level A for Military and Aerospace Industries
  • IEC 61508 certified at SIL 3 by TÜV for Heavy Equipment and Energy
  • EN 50128 certified at SIL 4 by TÜV for Rail Transportation

Thanks to the integration of aiT and StackAnalyzer, SCADE is the first embedded-software development environment worldwide to feature WCET analysis and stack usage analysis at the model level.

Within the Suite, the tools are called “Timing and Stack Optimizer”.

Automated flow

Chart depicting the automated flow between SCADE and aiT

The automated flow between SCADE and aiT provides for a seamless integration into the de­velopment cycle.

Report generation

Sample SCADE report Sample SCADE report

SCADE includes customizable report generation and “diff” capabilities that enable you, at the click of a button, to assess the performance impact of code generation and compilation options on each and every design element.

Your benefits

By raising the level of abstraction with the breakthrough analysis capabilities, you can:

  • Quickly identify and eliminate potential design flaws at an early stage
  • Optimize the performance of the application right from the model level
  • Easily determine which part of the design may contribute most to WCET or stack usage and re-factor the design accordingly, without having written a single line of code
  • Save considerable development cycle time, cut your costs, and shorten time to market

If you have questions, contact info@absint.com.