Find all runtime errors in your code now

Free 30-day trial

To download a free copy of Astrée, fill out and sign the license agreement form (PDF) and email or fax it to us.

Astrée runs under 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux. The trial version is technically identical to the full com­mercial version in every respect, but your license file will expire after 30 days.

If you have any questions before trying, email our customer support.

Free training

There’s no need to figure out Astrée by yourself or read the user manual cover to cover. Your trial begins with a free interactive Web-based training via WebEx.

After just about 90 minutes, on a date and time of your own choosing, you are set to go. And it’s only then that your license file gets activated, so you still have a full 30 days left.

Free support to get you started

Don’t hesitate to contact with any questions during your trial. You can even request additional WebEx sessions if you need help with setting up an analysis, writing a complex annotation, or investigating a tricky part of your code.

All commercial licenses also include 180 days of free support and updates. Major new releases are published twice a year, which means you’ll receive at least one update for free.

Price quote

The one-time fee for a perpetual license depends on the number of installations and the number of analyses running in parallel. Qualification Support Kits are available at a fraction of the cost. You can also rent the tool, or commission us to analyze your code for you.

Email us for a quote tailored to your personal requirements, or get in touch with your local distributor.