Integrate sound static analysis into your development process

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Astrée and RuleChecker can be tightly integrated with TargetLink, the production-code generation tool from dSPACE.

TargetLink automatically generates production code for graphically specified functions straight from MathWorks MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow. This drastically shortens coding and develop­ment time and contributes to a consider­able improvement in the quality of the pro­duction code.


Chart depicting the automated flow between TargetLink and Astrée

The automated flow between TargetLink and the analyzers enables a seamless integration of static runtime error analysis and rule checking into your de­velopment cycle.

AbsInt and dSPACE cooperated on the integration in the TIMMO-2-USE project that addressed the specification, transition and exchange of relevant timing information through­out different steps of the AUTOSAR-based development process and tool chain.

Your benefits

  • For each TargetLink function, alarms about possible runtime errors and rule violations can now be viewed directly in TargetLink.
  • This allows you to detect errors and bugs early in the development process, avoiding late-stage integration problems.
  • The static analysis does not require the system under test to be executed on a hardware proto­type. Results are available quickly, no dedicated hardware is needed.
  • The static analysis provides full data coverage and control. This enables the absence of runtime errors to be proven.
  • The analyses can be invoked automatically from the TargetLink GUI. This makes it easy to run an analysis after each model change, if desired.
  • Navigating from the source code to the corresponding model component can be done with a single mouse click, en­abling direct error tracing between implementation and model level.
  • Relevant model-level information is automatically propagated to the ana­lyzer to enable tighter analysis results and avoid double inputs.

Latest improvements in release 21.10

  • Support for TargetLink 5.0 and 5.1.
  • The generated wrapper files are now more compliant with MISRA coding rules.

Free trial

Astrée offers TargetLink integration straight out of the box. No addi­tional packages need to be installed. You can try the tool for free for a period of 30 days.