Astrée release 17.04

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Option profiles

When creating a new project, you can now pick from several option profiles to automatically set the most appropriate options accordingly:

  • Setup (fast)
  • Setup (normal)
  • Analysis (fast)
  • Analysis (medium)
  • Analysis (normal)

The Setup profiles are a good choice for initial analysis runs to help you check and complete the setup. The Analysis profiles can then be used for final analysis runs, with different levels of precision.

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Standalone RuleChecker

Starting with this release, the product “Astrée for C” is replaced by the framework “a³ for C”, which contains the analyzers Astrée and RuleChecker that can now be used independently.

The standalone RuleChecker features reduced memory consumption and much faster execution. Invoking RuleChecker in conjunction with Astrée, on the other hand, has the advantage of maximizing precision on semantical rules.

Other improvements to RuleChecker in this release include:

  • Support for SEI CERT C rules
  • Improved support for 50+ MISRA rules
  • Additional code metrics and style rules
  • Improved messages
  • Extended Qualification Support Kit
  • QSLCD report

See the full release notes for RuleChecker

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Lines with multiple findings

In the source code editor, a line with more than one finding is now marked by a special icon. The number of findings is shown when hovering over it.

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Comments on findings

In the Findings view, double-clicking on the Comment column for rule violations now lets you comment on them in the original source code.

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Control Flow view

This new view displays the function calls in each process.