RuleChecker release 14.10

This release was only available as an integral part of Astrée 14.10.

Initial RuleChecker release

The RuleChecker enables you to check coding rules (MISRA), compute code metrics (comment density, cyclomatic complexity, etc.), and check metric thresholds. It is highly configurable, allowing you to toggle checks for individual rules or aspects of certain rules.

The majority of the checks is performed syntactically, either on the source code or on the preprocessed code. It is possible to skip the Astrée runtime error analysis and only perform the rule checks.

A few more checks, for which a purely syntactic analysis would be too imprecise, are performed during the runtime error analysis. If a selected coding rule is violated, the analyzer reports an alarm of the new category R and reports the violated rule together with the exact code location and the check which failed.