a³ release 24.04

a³ screenshot

Improved search

The Symbols view can now be searched for enumerator values.

a³ screenshot

Improved graphs

  • In the Graph view, the context-menu action “Copy AIS annotation” now allows to create “assert assembly” annotations for each instruction.
  • The context menu entry “Show loop statistics” in the Graph view now honors the selection of an active context and jumps directly to this context in the Statistics view.

a³ screenshot

Quick HUD

Ctrl + P now opens a new go-to-anywhere HUD for quick navigation in the current project. It keeps a list of recently visited views, and can be searched for views not previously visited.

The HUD automatically closes as soon as you click on any item within. Alternatively, click on the HUD’s border to close it without leaving the current view.

a³ screenshot

Analysis dependency graphs

The Analyses overview can now visualize the dependencies between all the individual analysis items. The graph can be opened and closed from the toolbar.

a³ screenshot

Improved TimeWeaver

  • Trace coverage statistics now include flow coverage. This information can be used to identify bad trace coverage by determining how many outgoing edges have been traced per incoming edge of a basic block.
  • Improved handling of trace snippet starts, and improved end handling for block-level traces.
  • Improved handling of user-annotated end points.
  • Improved visualization of trace segments that start or end in external routines.
  • Improved trace coverage statistics for external routines.
  • General improvements to trace segment visualization.
  • Improved support for ARM ULINKpro CSV traces.