a³ release 24.10






New targets

  • All tools for TriCore now support TC212 and TC222.


  • In all editor views, searching by pressing Ctrl+F now automatically pre-fills the search field with the current selection. If nothing is selected, the word currently under the text cursor is used.

Visualization and results

  • Improved highlighting of graph search results.
  • Editing the columns in Statistics views is now persistent across multiple a³ instances.
  • Symbols view: Improved "Query contents" operation.
  • Symbols view: Extended filter to allow searching for sections.


  • Improved handling of not-analyzed code snippets with multiple continuation points.



  • Improved support for Rust enum types.

Path analysis

Improved memory usage of the ILP solving phase.

Value analysis

  • Potential NULL pointer de-references are now classified as info messages rather than warnings.
  • Improved detection of contradictions between annotated (constant) memory contents and analyzed code.
  • The maximum size limit for value sets has been increased.



  • Added a switch-table pattern that heuristically guesses the switch-table size.
  • Improved handling of invalid guarded code blocks for Thumb.
  • The UDF instruction, which raises an undefined instruction exception, is now handled as a program end.


  • Improved handling of copy sections in COFF files.
  • Improved precision for the xpread instruction.



  • Support for TC212 and TC222 (both AURIX 1st GEN).
  • Improved precision for the madd.u instruction.


  • Added a switch-table pattern that heuristically guesses the switch-table size.

Other target architectures

  • C33: Improved handling of copy sections in COFF files.


  • Reduced memory usage.
  • More robust automatic detection of trace formats.
  • Trace segments are now context-sensitively exported to the XML report. If trace segment times have been imported from another trace segment, this is reported in the new attribute adjust_edge_id that encodes the id of the trace graph edge (aka trace segment).
  • Export configured trace segment similarity features alongside the specified shared memory regions to the XML report.
  • Export trace segment feature vectors to XML report.

Qualification Support Kits

  • New packages:
    • Board-specific QSKs for aiT for TC379, TC389, TC399