TimeWeaver release 23.10

New target architecture

TimeWeaver is now available for V850/RH850, supporting all Renesas RH850 boards equipped with a Nexus or AURORA trace interface (e.g. RH850/C1H or RH850/F1KM-S1).


Improved trace segment stats


Extended XML reports

TimeWeaver now exports extended trace coverage information to XML report files. This information becomes available in a context-insensitive fashion by enabling “Output call graph”, and in a context-sensitive fashion by enabling “Show per context info” under “Setup" → “Reporting". The trace coverage can then be found in the XML report under a3 → timeweaver_analysis_task → timeweaver_analysis_results → trace_coverage.

Other changes

TLS-encrypted connections to the License Manager, improved AIS2 annotations, extended Qualification Support Kits, and more. See the complete release notes for a³ 23.10.